1. 《设计童年》-玩具与儿童的物质文化,1700年至今


    通过跨学科的分析实践获悉'material turn' and social-historical studies of childhood, Childhood By Design: Toys and the Material Culture of Childhood offers new approaches to the material world of childhood and design culture for children. This volume situates toys and design culture for children within broader narratives on history, 艺术, design and the decorative 艺术s, where toy design has traditionally been viewed as an aberration from more serious pursuits.

  2. 玩具与通讯


    玩具和通讯是一个创新的收藏品,有效地展示了致力于研究玩具的历史和各种文化(包括1930年)的专家的工作's Europe, Morocco, India, Spanish 艺术 of the 16th-19th centuries. Psychologists stress the importance of the role of toys and play in children'的语言发展和智力技能,这本书通过玩具的刻画,展示和使用展示了文化规范传播的主题。

  3. 瑞典木制玩具



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    Renate Muller:玩具与设计

    RenateMüller由米色开放式黄麻制成,并带有彩色皮革装饰's toy animals and shapes are some of the sweetest, most endearing and simply 艺术istic toys that have ever been made. They were conceived in the early 1960s, as part of an endeavor launched by Helene Haeusler at the Sonneberg Technical College for 玩具设计 in Germany, and were designed to fulfill the need for large, brightly colored stuffed animals to enhance orthopedic exercises and balance coordination for mentally and physically handicapped children.

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    我们是纸玩具 presents thirty-two of the finest paper toy 设计师s in the world. Each 艺术ist gives us a glimpse of their world and explains their passion for paper toys through a personal interview.

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    玩具乐器公司(Toy Instruments)包含了一系列令人眼花collection乱的音乐玩具,这些玩具在1950年代至今天之间生产。从理论上讲,所有这些玩具都旨在激发孩子学习如何弹奏乐器的兴趣。然而,尽管照片和文字清晰可见,但这些产品对于成年人和儿童,特别是对有自己的音乐兴趣的成年人来说,可能同样有趣。

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    可持续产品设计不仅仅是生态设计:它超越了'green'考虑工作环境,社区影响,消费者健康和经济生存能力以及环境属性。"Beyond Child's Play"在全球玩偶制造行业中探索可持续产品设计的概念。

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    玩具,像人类一样充实's most basic needs, have existed for as long as we have. Renowned 设计师s, 艺术ists and architects have always tried their hand at creating toys: from Frank Lloyd Wright's work with Frbel'约瑟夫·哈特维格的S积木'至今仍在生产的包豪斯国际象棋套装。 Gerrit Rietveld,Pablo Picasso,Marcel Breuer和Andy Warhol也设计了玩具。

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    邪教,限量版和"designer"玩具将我们带入战后时期,直到现在,并以令人着迷的眼光看待"urban vinyl" and "art"玩具。经过广泛研究,该书包括对当今主要参与者的访谈's toy world, including long-established Japanese toymaking giants Kaiyodo and Sanrio, world-famous fine 艺术ists and producers of "art" toys Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara, and cult Hong Kong 设计师s of "urban vinyl"玩具迈克尔·刘和埃里克·苏。

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    I Am Plastic provides a colorful visual history of the phenomenon, which has energized not only the toy world but the global 艺术 community as well. Fashion 设计师s, comic book 艺术ists, underground illustrators, graffiti and fine 艺术ists now lend their creativity to the task of coming up with innovative and striking new toy designs. Artists and toys featured in this stunning overview include Frank Kozik, Dalek, Gary Baseman, Bounty Hunter, Junko Mizuno, Jason Siu, Devilrobots, and Pete Fowler.

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    点点破折号!由Pictoplasma和Pictoplasma 2的编辑提供给您。在确定的范围内,扩展了当代角色设计广受欢迎的主题,展示了对进入第三维的个性和角色的最新调查。